Mother’s Love: Adjusting to Two

Mother's Love: Adjusting to Two

They are both pretty beautiful, aren’t they? My mother and Lil Miss (my nickname for Cora) are quite the pair. At Thanksgiving while my mother and I were rolling out pie crusts and preparing the 20 pound fresh turkey I purchased from a local grower I, confessed to her how I was really adjusting to having two little wee ones.

“Mom, it’s mentally and physically draining,” I said. She laughed and said, “Boy isn’t that true. But – enjoy them, they are only this little once.”

She’s right, they are only little for a little while, however, there are the days when the tantrums, the crying and the non-exsistent listening skills are all too much and I’m ready to throw my hands up. Then, there’s the times where Caston calls me his “cupcake”and gives me one of those great big toddler messy kisses or when Cora gets so excited she’s done something new like experienced the taste of blueberries…and then I know that being a mommy is God’s truest gift.

What I’ve Learned Since Becoming A Mommy:

  1. I have the most awesome husband in the world! He is patient, kind, loving and incredibly supportive. He is my rock, my best friend and my soulmate that God gave to me to live an amazingly blessed life.
  2.  I can still function (well kinda) on no sleep and mini power naps.
  3.  My house doesn’t have to be spotless clean all the time and it probably will never will again. And, I’m okay with that.
  4.  I can’t fix/cure all of the reasons why my kids cry or do the things they do at times. They are kids and just when you think you have them pegged – they will show you that you don’t.
  5.  I never imagined I would be so deeply in love with my babies. When they are in pain, I feel it. When they are sad, I am empathic with them. When I make them laugh, my heart fills with joy.
  6. You have to ask for help from others! This one I never learned with Caston, but when baby Cora came along I had no choice.
  7. Don’t feel bad about sleeping when the kids sleep. You deserve it! I take naps with my kiddos quite frequently and it makes me a better, well-rested mommy. Plus, when Caston wakes up and puts his arms around me and tells me what a great mommy I am and kisses me…makes it even more worth it.
  8. It’s ok to cry- hormones are wacky, crazy things!
  9.  Remember to take time to reconnect with the hubby each night. Very, very, very important. We can get so catch up into everyday life, we forget about each other. We try and have a date night once a month, even if that means going out to eat (without the kids) and having a glass of wine and just talking…uninterrupted.
  10. I should have enjoyed those sleepy Saturday mornings while I had them. Once the kiddos come, goodbye to “sleeping in.” Although, you can con the hubby into letting you sleep in every once in awhile.
  11. No matter how much I read about babies, pregnancy, breastfeeding, childcare, sickness remedies, discipline, milestones – I still won’t know everything! Books can’t teach you it all, sometimes you just have to dive in and either sink or swim!
  12. I am internally grateful for the scarifies and love that my parents have shown me through the years! I think about all the sassing and eye rolling I did as a young girl and now looking at my daughter I know its coming…
  13.  Some people think they know everything about raising babies- when really they don’t know squat. But, just smile when they give you advice and go on about your business. It’s just not worth it!
  14.  There’s a major difference in Pampers and Huggies diapers- I will never buy Huggies ever again.
  15. It never gets old watching your babies sleep so peacefully in your arms. And those little noises they make are priceless.
  16.  Spit-up happens…so does pee and poop. Thank goodness for great cleaning products and washers/dryers.
  17.  Dreft laundry detergent is my all-time favorite smell.
  18.  Babies won’t be babies forever- so enjoy the snuggle time while you can.
  19.  Always give yourself at least 15 minutes longer to get ready to go anywhere.
  20.  Little boys…let them be boys. Sword fighting, Light Sabers, pop guns, running (everywhere), fishing, frogs, snakes, dirt (lots of it), peeing outside and being proud they can aim (yep that’s right) and don’t forget to be the mom that gets dirty with them.
  21.  If you plan on having a girl, start saving now because Etsy will make you go broke if you don’t watch it. Little girls have to have all the accessories, they -just- HAVE- to.
  22.  Make your own baby food – forget that jarred stuff. Homemade baby food is so much better for your babies, as is the taste. Buy local products at the market when it’s in season. Your baby will thank you later on!
  23.  Get Silver Dollar City Season Passes (if you live in 417 land). Best family trips with the kids and our friends. It’s cheap entertainment and there is so much to do. Go through the week, you’ll have the entire park to yourself. Whatever you do…make sure you take your kids at Christmas. The lights, parade, good eats and HUGE tree on the square are always a must every time we go.
  24.  If you keep your patience, so will they. We’ve learned that no matter what Caston does wrong, if we keep it together, so does he. Which makes the discipline much easier- on all of us.
  25.  Be on the same team with your spouse. Whatever discipline method you use in your house- be consistent.
  26.  Pee…it happens. Potty training can be stressful, if you let it be. Follow your little ones cues and never push them.
  27.  Take tons of photos! I am that mom that is always taking photos, because I had a mom that did the same. You will be glad you did later on, and so will your kiddos.
  28.  Cook with your kids and give them chores. Caston loves cooking with me. It’s like his own classroom in the kitchen at times with the measurements, counting, colors and using utensils. And, don’t be afraid to have young children have chores. Caston is excellent at setting the tables, putting away plastic bowls, cleaning the table…make them involved.
  29.  Read. Read. Read. Story time is a very special time for you and your children. Make it part of your routine.
  30.  Give yourself a break! You won’t be perfect every day. You will cry, loose your temper, forget things, have moments where you simply don’t know what to even say…but remember your wee ones love you and in their eyes you are the most incredible person on earth.

And, as my mother said, “Enjoy them while they’re young.”

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