Sugared Pecans

Sugared PecansEver sampled Missouri pecans before?  If not, you don’t know what your missing out on.  Missouri pecans are smaller than the traditional Southern Pecans that most of us are used to.  Smaller yes, but BIG on taste.

Missouri pecans are typically sweeter than most.  I like to say it’s because of the blessed soil and loving hands that tend to the soil that make the nuts tasty.  But in fact, Missouri pecans are extra special because of the cooler climate and shorter growing season.

You can find Missouri pecans at a few of the local farmers markets, local food stores such as Homegrown Food and Mama Jean’s and even on the shelves at Hy-Vee and a few of the other grocery stores in and about 417 land.

If you really want to learn more about Missouri pecans and meet some of your own local growers, check out the Missouri Northern Pecan Growers site.  The Kimmell family are growers up by Nevada that help to harvest and distribute the product throughout the state and nation.  Give Drew a call, he will hook you up for the holidays.

Here is a special pecan recipe that is always part of my Christmas basket that I prepare for neighbors, friends and business associates.  Check that the water is very cold and the egg white is room temperature to ensure the mixture becomes frothy. This is a great sampler for any upcoming New Year’s Eve parties you might be throwing this year too.

But, don’t forget to Buy Local when it comes to your ingredients!

Sugared Pecans
1 egg white
1 teaspoon cold water
4 C. (1 lb.) pecans
½ C. sugar
¼ teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon cinnamon

Beat egg white and cold water until frothy. Mix with pecans until coated well. Mix sugar, salt, cinnamon in a paper in a paper bag. Shake pecans until all the sugar is used.

Bake at 225 degrees on a baking sheet for 1 hour. Turn pecans every 15 minutes. Cool and store.

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