Hands of Time Artwork Project

Paint your hands and let each print dry thoroughly before adding the next print.

I love Facebook, I love blogging, but I LOVE Pinterest!  What else could be better for all those “Things I want to do” lists floating around?  If you are like me, you have lots of little lists between family, kids, work and a few of your own (which since you are mom, probably will never happen because you are tending to everyone else.)  But, they are worth it, aren’t they…

I found some hand artwork while scrolling through Pinterest that has been on my list for the kids this winter and we gave this one a shot tonight.  Turned out pretty well for our first family artwork project, now as a family of 4…wow, still feels strange saying we are a family of 4 now.  It’s projects like this that I know I’ll cherish even more the older the kids get, therefore it’s important to me to document each step we take together.

Another little project from today included a beautiful tree painting.  I drew a tree truck for Caston today on construction paper and let him choose the colors of the leaves he wanted to paint/  I showed him some different painting techniques and he really enjoyed it, especially at the end when he got his hands all covered in paint.  The painting turned out really cute. It’s my next picture to get framed.

If you are looking for some winter fun with your children I highly suggest some art projects that you can frame around your house.  What better kind of wall art could you possibly want?

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