Nurturing A Relationship

Cora One Year Old
Cora One Year Old

My mother and I were always very close, best friends in fact.  I was not one of these young ladies that turned against my mother when I became a teenager or argued with her every wish (although, I did from time to time roll my eyes at her).

Now, that I have a daughter I find myself watching Cora and thinking about all the wonderful times I spent and continue to spend with my mother.  Baking cookies in her farm kitchen, swimming in Brush Creek with her and even our shopping trips are all memories that make me smile.

How do I nurture that same bond with my daughter as my mother did with me?

I have a very strong bond with my son.  He is protective of both myself and his sister and he and I talk daily about everything.  I know that when Cora grows that we will also talk, laugh and even cuddle…just as I do with Caston.  But…how do I ensure that once she becomes a teenager it doesn’t all just blow-up?

The majority of my girlfriends were not close to their mothers, in fact it was the opposite.  The older many of my friends became, the more they pushed away their mothers, at a time in their lives that they needed them the most.  What is it about a switch that goes off in a teenage girl’s body that tells them: “I will NOT listen to that woman…what does she know?” Don’t laugh, you know it’s true.

Girls, whether they are young or old, need their momma.  I am a grown woman now, with two children and I need mine even more now than ever it seems.

I pray that God gives me the patience that my mother had with me and the ability to always be mindfully present in my daughter’s life as she grows and matures into a young woman. Additionally, I pray that He blesses me with a good sense of humor- my mother says that helped her get through years of raising babies, toddlers and young adults.

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