A Daddy’s Love

A Daddy's Love

Looking back on photos recently I came across this one taken by a friend of ours in Arkansas. He snapped a special moment of my guys that I still adore!

Caston was almost 2 years of age in this pic…I loved those plump cheeks he had at this age.

I also love the way his daddy is looking at him. Strong, protective and loving- all at the same time. That’s my husband, he’s an amazing man who does so very much for our family. He is our rock. He keeps me grounded and is my biggest cheerleader.

He can swing a light saber with one hand and play castle with Lil Miss with the other hand. He’s one multi-talented man, let me tell you.

I thank him for his love, compassion and for giving me two beautiful and spirited little ones that have changed my life completely.

Happy Birthday My Love!

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