Being A Present Parent

Being A Present Parent

Miss fancy pants turned 20 months over the weekend and we decided a trip to Andy’s Frozen Custard was fitting! Why was it fitting…because nothing is sweeter than Cora’s little face. Well…maybe one thing her big brother’s dimples. Well shucks- let’s call it a draw!

Since Cora has entered our lives she has been a blessing and joy. Her expressions are priceless, her giggles are contagious and her stubbornness is reminds me of myself.

If I could describe her in three words at this point in her young life it would be: determine, lovable and a fashionista! Yes, bet you didn’t expect that term, did you?

My baby girl loves shoes as much as she loves her milk! I catch her in my closet trying on my heels- constantly. And, when I go to put her play clothes on in the morning she shakes her little blonde head at me and walks over to there closet and points at one of her fancy dresses. Did I also mention she has a tiara. She took it from her princess doll…guess she thought she deserved the tiara instead of her dolly. LOL

Now I know what you are thinking…it’s all me that has created this fashionista. But, I had LOTS of help from daddy, big brother Caston, grandparents and friends. You all know who you are…

But…when I see her with three pairs of shoes in her hands, a tiara on her head, necklaces dragging from behind and her favorite tutu – I say, “Let them be young. Let them be children. Let them imagine.” A smile comes to my face and I jump in to the princess action, or the hunting or Super Hero action…depending on which we are pretending to be at the moment. Nothing is more priceless than being PRESENT daily for your children.

I find this challenging on a daily basis. There is always a load of laundry, dishes to be clean, phone calls to be made, work to be done on your computer…but remember they are only little for a little while- enjoy these moments, savor the time spent being silly with them and be a Present Parent.

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