Princess Cora Turns T-H-R-E-E

I am a little behind on posting photo’s from Cora’s Princess  & Brave Knights Party..boy the summer is just flying by!

Our little Cora talked about her birthday for months!  For being a three-year-old, she was very specific on what she wanted- A Princess Party and Everything PINK!

We hosted family, schoolmates and neighbors at our house for Cora’s birthday earlier this July and fun was had by all.  From Pink Princess Cupcakes and homemade pink ice cream, to pink snacks and cookies…even homemade pink lemonade- it was a party fit for a princess…and all her brave knights.

I found these paper princess doll cutouts, garland, plates and utensils- even the castle on Amazon.  (I think I may have to keep all the decorations because it was so fitting for a princess party…and I foresee many other princess parties in our future!)

A local business that has a huge array of princess actors was a highlight, as we even had a visit and story reading from Tinker Bell, which is Cora’s new favorite princess.

Our littlest guests went home with a thank you gift of fairy wands, crowns, knight swords, knight hats and some special treats.  Enjoy these special photos from Cora’s special day!

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