Baldwin Family Fudge

Last year I made 5 lbs of fudge for gift baskets and gift giving.  That’s a LOT of fudge!  This year I hit a new record- 7 lbs of fudge.  Let me tell you…I am a fudge making machine.

I’ve had a lot of folks ask me for the recipe, which is always a compliment to the cook.  My mother’s fudge is rich, but it’s not that stick in your mouth rich.  It’s more like a so rich I want another piece and a frozen mug of milk rich…make sense?

Give it a whirl this holiday- it will be a perfect compliment to your holiday table.

Baldwin’s Fantasy Fudge
By my mother

4 cups white sugar
1 tall can of evaporated milk (12 oz)
2 sticks of butter

Fudge Making

On medium-high and in a large pot, cook and stir constantly, until mixture forms a soft ball. Best way to do this is with a candy thermometer. But, be sure and continue to stir this all the way through the soft ball stage.

When a soft ball forms, remove from heat and add:
For milk chocolate fudge, (add 12 oz. of chocolate chips)
For richer, darker fudge, (add ¾ of a 24 oz. of chocolate chips)

Fudge Making

40 marshmallows
2 cups of nuts of your choice (pecans are the very best though)
1 tsp. vanilla

Fold mixture, until all dissolved. Cool fudge in a buttered 13×9 dish. You can freeze the fudge as well.

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