Holiday Fun in 2014

I hope your holiday was filled with joyful family memories, good eats and lots of laughter!  As I watched our children this holiday learn new skills, become more independent and make new friends- I realized that my husband and I are just part of the their journey.  We are their teachers, we are their role models and we are their leaders, but every person they meet along the way provides an additional influence.  It’s so important to ensure we are active parents who allow our children to make mistakes and learn from them, let them display independence, let them be challenged, let learn from doing, and most important- LET THEM BE KIDS and PLAY! I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, but I do make goals.  My goals for 2015 are centered around my family and my own well-being, and they are simple ones.  Sometimes we must focus on the simple things to get back to what really matters most.

  1. Spend more time actively playing with both my children.
  2. Take a mini family trip every two months (St. Louis Cards game and Grant’s Farm, float trip on the Buffalo, hiking at Mt. Magazine)
  3. Allow both my children more opportunities to learn from doing, not interfering with the process.
  4. Set-up a home office workspace.
  5. Organize every room in the house by the end of 2015.
  6. Help be a role model to my children, displaying patience and grace.
  7. Show more appreciation to my husband and marriage.
  8. Focus on keeping myself healthy and fit, from the inside out.
  9. Discovering what both my children’s passions and strengths are.
  10. Manage the time on my career better, so it does not negatively impact my family.

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