Lipstick Lessons

I remember as a child I would watch in awe my mother get ready in the bathroom before leaving with my father for a client dinner.  I loved watching her curl her hair, figure out which small box of powder or shadow make-up she would choose, then to the jewelry box to find a special occasion item my father had given to her for her birthday or Christmas previously, next a spritz of Chanel No. 5 and finally…the lipstick.

My mother wasn’t fancy, she was classy.  She never wore red lipstick, usually beige with a touch of pink.  Her make-up wasn’t layered, it was timeless.  Her dresses were never flashy, they were ageless.  And, she was just…my mom.  But, she was BEAUTIFUL!

I guess all young girls grow-up watching and learning from their mothers.  Sons typically flock to their fathers once they hit about 4 years of age (at least that is what is happening in our house).  Boys want to be men and girls want to be ladies.

My little lady has hit a new stage in her young life of 2 years old (six days shy of turning 3)…dress-up time!  Each morning when I tell her it’s time to get her clothes on, she runs to her room with excitement, waiting to see what outfit she can pick out.  Then comes her shoes…she really LOVES shoes.  And finally, with a brush in my hand I ask her how she wants her hair fixed.  But wait…we aren’t complete.  She asks me for make-up.  What? My little girl wants to put make-up on?

I can’t be that surprised by this statement.  She has watched me most mornings get ready in my bathroom, while sitting on the countertop finishing her milk.  Many times I recall finishing my make-up or hair and her telling me that I was pretty with a big ‘ole toddler grin.  But now, she wants make-up on.

I didn’t realize how much my little girl watches every move I make and every word I say until recently.  Over the July 4th weekend, we rounded out our festivities with a Sunday trip to see my husband’s mother.  While everyone was talking and laughing, my little girl was on her own adventure.  I hear my husband ask her what was all over her face, when I turn to see what he means, her pouty face comes towards me.  She says, “I want to be pretty, like you mommy.”  In her hand is a lipstick and all over her mouth is Lancome “Curtain Call” color.  I had to chuckle.  What mother hasn’t had this same exact experience.  I told her she was WAY prettier without the lipstick, we rubbed noses, and I gently removed the lip stain with a baby wipe.

Lipstick Lesson: Our little girls will only be little for a little while, make sure we are excellent role models to them and show them that true beauty lies inside their hearts.  Teach them to be confident. Teach them to be leaders.  

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