Summertime Fun In Snapshots

Our family’s summer has been filled full of backyard gardening, farm to table dinners, trips to my favorite place in 417 Land (Farmers Market of the Ozarks), lake trips and much more…and July and August are still left.

We made a McConnell Summer Bucket List together and we’ve checked off a majority of the items so far and plan to have the rest of the list complete by the start of the school year!  Here is our list, what was on your bucket list?

McConnell Summer Bucket List

  1. Skip rocks
  2. Enjoy an outdoor concert
  3. Spend all day at Ozark Empire Fair
  4. Plant something and watch it grow
  5. Catch fireflies
  6. See a drive-in movie
  7. Visit a local farm
  8. Play capture-the-flag
  9. Spot shapes in the clouds
  10. Go fishing at Taneycomo
  11. Tell stories and sign songs around a camp fire
  12. Pick out a Henna tattoo for each family member
  13. Have an “off the grid” day (no electronic devices allowed)
  14. Visit Crystal Bridges
  15. Canoe trip and have a picnic on the gravel bar
  16. Hike along the Buffalo River
  17. Host a neighborhood bbq
  18. Try Hula-Hooping
  19. Take a friend to the farmers market
  20. Put our initials on a tree in our backyard


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